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Summer School for postdocs

16.07.2018 um 09:00 bis 20.07.2018 um 16:30

Helga Hänsler, Dr habil Gesche Braker, Dr Katharina Abermeth, Linda Piálek, Robert Mill, Dr Ruth Kamm, Rosemarie Fleck

Course description  

The Summer School combines practical workshops with intensive exchange in particular for postdoc teachers and researchers over the course of a week.

The participants will test and reflect the practice and effect of an extensive spectrum of methods and use that as well to prepare for their own teaching. In addition, they will learn about succesful leadership in teams at universities, research ethics, and strategical research funding. The Summer School allows to analyse and develop their own career management individually. Moreover, the participants will get to know different trainers and connect with other postdocs from various university departments.

The Summer School offers following topics in four blocks.

Teacher: University didactics; Leader: Leadership in teams and reflection on one's own leadership behaviour; Researcher: Research ethics and funding; Developer: career management

For more information see download link Programme Summer School Postdocs.

For the participation you can get the following certificates:

  • 24 work units for the certificate university didactics PLUS+  or
  • the certificate university didactics as well as
  • the certificate leadership (24 work units)


The Summer School is funded by the Fund for Internationalisation of the CAU.

Target group postdocs  

Helga Hänsler

Dr habil Gesche Braker

Dr Katharina Abermeth

Dr Anne Bachmann

Linda Piálek

Robert Mill

Dr Ruth Kamm

Rosemarie Fleck



Place We will announce the place in an e-mail about 10 days before the date  
Topic university didactics, leadership, research ethics, research funding, career management  
Work units 48  
Number N182004  
Fee* 750,00 €  
* Free for employees of the CAU.

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Horizon 2020 Proposal Writing Workshop - Verbundanträge in Horizon 2020

28.05.2018 von 09:00 bis 16:30

Linda Piálek, Leiterin Referat Forschungsförderung EU und International

Course description  

The European Commission has recently launched the last Work Programme for Horizon 2020 for the period 2018-2020. With hundreds of calls and topics worth over more than €30 billion, it is the largest single integrated programme of publicly funded research and innovation across the EU. 
Competing successfully for Horizon 2020 funding, requires a thorough understanding of the policy context and complexities of the application process.
This training course will provide prospective applicants with a comprehensive insight into what it takes to successfully access Horizon 2020 funding.  

The course is aimed at researchers considering applying for the 2018-2020 Horizon 2020 calls and will include hands proposal writing exercises. It will focus exclusively on collaborative research proposals (not ERC and not Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions). It will not deal with issues regarding project management.

Please note that the workshop will be delivered in English.

Learning targets
  • Receive a comprehensive introduction to Horizon 2020 (policy context, structure, budget, support networks)
  • Acquire a thorough understanding of the rules of participation (funding instruments, eligibility, financial rules)
  • Gain a step-by-step understanding of the proposal writing process (identification of funding opportunities, consortium building, evaluation criteria)
  • Learn how to address cross-cutting issues (gender, ethics, outreach)
  • Practice writing Horizon 2020 proposals 
Target group Researchers considering applying for the 2018-2020 Horizon 2020 calls  
Speaker Linda Piálek  
Date and Time


Place We will announce the place in an e-mail about 10 days before the date.  
Topic Courses in English, Research Funding  
Work units 8  
Number F181039  
Fee* free of charge  

Closing date for registration: 14 days before the course

* Free for employees of CAU and PhD students who are registered in Graduiertenzentrum.

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We are all different - How to overcome cultural differences. An Introduction

06.05.2018 von 09:00 bis 16:30

Helga Hänsler, Beratung-Coaching-Training

Course description


To appreciate establishing contact and interact successfully in cross-cultural situations one needs awareness about specific characteristics of our own culture and cross-cultural differences. Crosscultural knowledge, cultural sensitivity, a high empathy level and frustration tolerance are the basic competences to handle such situations.


  • Cultural Awareness (e.g. the German self-image and the image of the others)
  • Cross-cultural competence: A definition and a theory of cross-cultural learning
  • Cross-cultural differences and communalities on the basis of the frameworks of cultural dimensions and cultural standards


At the end of the seminar you will be able to overcome and manage cross-cultural situations appropriately and it will be easier for you to differentiate between a cross-cultural problem and other problems in cross-cultural situations.

Speaker Helga Hänsler, Beratung-Coaching-Training  


Place We will announce the place in an e-mail about 10 days before the date  

Courses in English, Intercultural skills

Work units 8  
Number F181016  
Fee* 125 €  

Registration deadline: 14 days before the course starts

* Free for employees of CAU and PhD students who are registered in Graduiertenzentrum.

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